Holocaust Refugee / Motivational Lecturer

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Captain Alex Keisch, Holocaust Refugee / Motivational Lecturer ® 2007 Rollingrock Court, Richmond, VA 23238
It seems that Genocides are the cumulative result of decades, generations and sometimes centuries of BULLYING.  So, how do we STOP BULLIES today?

Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Laureate author and HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, was asked, what lesson can we learn from the HOLOCAUST?  His disheartening response, "That you CAN get away with it!"  So, how DO we STOP BULLIES today?
Keisch would have you break that horrid dynamic, delivering his riveting "TOLERANCE The ROAD TO ACCEPTANCE" lecture, unfolding the story of his family's survival from the Holocaust, presenting us with his lesson for today: a SIMPLE NOT SIMPLISTIC approach.  THIS is how we STOP BULLIES today!